Bryan Sebesta

The Life We're Looking For

by Andy Crouch

This book is about technology. But this book isn’t really about technology. It’s more about anthropology: what a human being is, and what we’re made for.

And Andy Crouch draws from his Christian commitments to defend human beings as made to reflect God’s image, and as such not meant to be exploited or used. He further defends human beings as persons, and ultimately as persons made to love and to be loved. (If this sounds sentimental, well, he avoids that astutely; and if it sounds overly Christian, well, it’s not meant just for Christians.) From this defense of the human person, and in light of it, he then turns his eye toward technology and asks whether technology will really help human beings flourish. With ideas like


Author: Andy Crouch
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton


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