Bryan Sebesta

Prehistoric Planet

Apple TV’s new documentary “Prehistoric Planet” is incredible. It’s narrated by David Attenborough, produced in part by Jon Favreau, and brought to life by the same company that made the “live action” versions of Jungle Book and Lion King. It really manages to make dinosaurs feel like they’re alive, both in how they portray dinosaur behavior and in the realism of the graphics. (Seriously, I do not know how they made the swimming T-Rex and the velociraptors look so real! It’s scary.)

This also makes me happy: David Attenborough’s brother, Richard, played the character John Hammond in Jurassic Park. It was Hammond who funded and built the park itself. It must feel good to bring the family relationship full circle: from Richard’s character’s attempts to control, to David’s desire to understand and appreciate. Appreciation and infectious awe is David’s strong suit, and so it’s wonderful to see him do his thing here!